Following is a general overview of how the planetary trends for February/March 2016 apply to each sun sign.
If you know your rising sign (Ascendant), read that, too,
for additional insights.

Aries (March 20—April 19)
Friends, groups with whom you’re affiliated, and business connections may play a larger role in your life during February, when your professional aspirations could receive a boost and work suddenly becomes more plentiful. Keep the big picture in mind when making plans or setting personal goals, as decisions made now may have long lasting, though positive, implications. Set aside more quiet time for yourself in March, when assimilating the results of recent activities and events will enable you to fine-tune your hopes, dreams and game plan for the future.
Taurus (April 19—May 20)
A new professional venture may enable you to bring your considerable creative abilities to bear in a very satisfying and perhaps highly original way during this forecast period. You may also have the opportunity to share your wisdom and expertise with others, perhaps via an innovative blog, publication, or video. Take care to give appropriate credit to others for their help, where due. As a result of recent developments you may decide to set new goals, or make expansive plans for the future. Just make sure that your progress is measured, so that you don’t outpace the resources at your disposal in your enthusiasm to get ahead.

Gemini (May 20—June 21)
You feel deeply inspired to broaden your horizons now, by setting bold new plans for the future. You certainly have the energy and drive, at present, but be sure to stay on top of all the details, as it may be all too easy to get ahead of yourself in your keenness to make rapid progress towards your goal. The resources necessary may indeed be in place, so it’s up to you to manage them efficiently, like any good producer would. Planetary trends favor your professional progress during March, and throughout the spring, so don’t be shy about blowing your own trumpet in appropriate circumstances.

Cancer (June 21—July 22)
You and a partner or close associate make be making big plans for the future; an innovative professional venture is one possibility, while transforming a casual alliance into an official partnership is another. Either way, you appear to be keen to break new ground, and to make a goal that is dear to your heart a reality in the foreseeable future. A publishing or educational venture might also be in your plans, as you may feel inspired to share your knowledge, wisdom, or experience with others.

Leo (July 22—Aug 22)
An increase in work or professional activities during February could enable you to add to your income, and perhaps help to pay for some recent improvements around the home. However, a significant other may have something to say about how any additional income might be best utilized. Indeed, this would be an appropriate juncture at which to overhaul or make improvements to the way your resources are managed, in order to maximize their potential
Virgo (Aug 22—Sept 22)
An increase in activities, communications, and travel will likely keep you busy during February, when your creative enterprise may know no bounds. The possibility of a new work assignment may give you pause for thought, as you might have to decide just how much more responsibility or obligations you can comfortably handle. Activities around the home increase considerably during March, when your domestic environment could undergo a transformation, of sorts. Some Virgo natives may decide to put down roots, while others may consider renovations.  
Libra (Sept 22—Oct 22)
Your creativity and inspiration may know no bounds in February, when you could commit some of your more serious thoughts or ideas to paper or the keyboard. Indeed, there may be some things or notions that you just have to get off your chest, so that friends or colleagues know where you stand. However, be sure to sprinkle a little humor amongst your words, in order to keep your audience engaged. A new work or vocational assignment is possible during March, perhaps as a direct result of your recent discourse.

Scorpio (Oct 22—Nov 21)
Your personal energy levels will be soaring during February, with your sign’s co-ruler, Mars, in your solar first house, so be sure to get through as many chores on your "to do" list as possible, while this extra head of steam is available. Domestic affairs are likely to be a focal point of your activities now, with perhaps a little nest feathering to brighten up your roost. There will be plenty of work to keep on top of in March, when you might also want to pay more attention to your health and dietary needs, in order to sustain your stamina.accordingly.

Sagittarius (Nov 21—Dec 21)
You might have been playing more of a supporting role recently, rather than blazing your own trail, as the needs of family and friends may have taken precedence. Nonetheless, you’re keeping a keen weather eye on your professional prospects and aspirations, with a view to adding to your cash flow, while increasing your stock in trade wherever possible. Amongst your greatest assets now are your bright ideas, some of which you may be able to take to the bank. Consider ways in which you might increase your revenue stream by sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with others.

Capricorn (Dec 21—Jan 20)
Your values and priorities may be undergoing subtle changes, as a result of what you have learned in recent months. So, too, are your thoughts about what it takes for you to feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ve had time to reflect upon and process various elements of the past, and to assimilate your findings into your present reality, and may now be actively seeking new goals that better fit your needs and ambitions. Consider keeping a journal, dream diary, or even a simple wish list, to help you to define and clarify your objectives.

Aquarius (Jan 20—Feb 18)
You nay feel that it’s time to take out a new lease on life, or at least to seek out a few new career options. February’s Aquarius new moon in your solar first house can certainly put some wind in your sails, but it’s up to you to chart your course. You may be keen to try something novel or innovative that would allow you to express your natural talents and abilities. Whatever you set in place during this forecast period may endure for a long time to come, so make sure that it is in alignment with your changing values and priorities.

Pisces (Feb 18—March 20)
You are keen to broaden your horizons and to enhance your future prospects during February, when certain goals or ambitions may now seem more attainable. Indeed, your powers of manifestation are particularly strong now and throughout this forecast period, so take the time to clearly visualize what it is you want to achieve. Seek input or advice from significant others in your life, as one of them may hold the key to your ultimate success. With carefully measured and sustained effort you can make great strides towards professional aspirations in the coming months.

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