Following is a general overview of how the planetary trends for April/May 2016 apply to each sun sign.
If you know your rising sign (Ascendant), read that, too,
for additional insights.

Aries (March 20—April 19)
YApril’s new moon in your sign provides a significant boost to your energy levels, while also increasing your assertiveness factor a few notches. However, mid-April Mars, your sign’s ruling planet, commences a rare retrograde phase through June, during which time both your energy and assertiveness may be a little below par, making this a much better juncture at which to be more introspective, to do some inner searching, perhaps for the source of your current motivations. During May the emphasis shifts to finances, and ways to increase your bottom line. With Mercury retrograde in your second house of income through much of May, hold off on major purchases, and take at least a second look at any offers that might seem too good to be true.way.
Taurus (April 19—May 20)
Your inspiration and creativity are soaring during April, so be sure to note any brainstorms or bright ideas for future action. With action planet, Mars, in retrograde in your solar eighth house of joint financial matters for much of this forecast period, it would be wise to hold off initiating any new ventures for a while, and instead concentrate on bringing greater stability and security to your long-term cash flow. Do what you can to protect your resources from attrition. Doing so will enhance your sense of security down the road. In May you could benefit from some especially good fortune. It may be possible to get a second bite at a particular cherry, as a personal opportunity you might have missed the first time around could now drop right into your lap.  

Gemini (May 20—June 21)
You could be especially busy with a partnership project during April, when your diplomatic skills and ability to get along with colleagues may be tested by the vicissitudes or procrastination of others. With Mercury, your sign’s ruler, in retrograde from the 28th to May 22nd, that challenge could be just a little trickier. Not to worry, as you will likely be equal to the task. Just don’t make any promises that you won’t be able to keep. During May take some time to ground yourself and to connect with your center, as it will help you to decompress from any work- or home-related tensions. It would be wise to maintain a tight grip on your purse strings, lest impulsive purchases get the better of your budget.

Cancer (June 21—July 22)
Opportunities to advance your professional aspirations could be more plentiful in April; however, getting along with those with whom you work could pose challenges. Friends or colleagues could change their minds about an important matter, which might affect your own plans, and yet, in the interests of cooperation, you adapt and go with the flow. A new project or game plan could be conceived during May, though it might be wise to wait till the summer to get the ball rolling. With Mercury, Mars and Saturn all in retrograde now, your interests would be best served by reviewing your options, strategy, and even your associates.  

Leo (July 22—Aug 22)
How can you enhance or leverage your financial position? Take some time now to count the ways. Put your keen intellect to work for you, while making good use of your business connections could also pay dividends. You would do well to avoid speculation for the time being, or buying in to a risky venture. If you have a new project on the drawing board wait till summer before you launch it. During May your professional prospects look even brighter, though it may yet be a while before any promises come to fruition. Steadily reinforce the financial foundations you’ve put in place, taking nothing, and no one, for granted. Trust only the tried and true, while keeping your options open.
Virgo (Aug 22—Sept 22)
Activities around the home keep you busy in April, with some significant challenges to surmount. However, your innate flexibility and creative ingenuity will ensure that you rise to the occasion. This would be a good time to do some serious soul searching, about what it takes for you to feel secure. Issues concerning intimacy may also arise, particularly if you feel your needs are not being met. During May you might have the opportunity to expand your horizons in some way that could lead you closer to a cherished professional objective. Scrutinize all offers closely, however, and get everything in writing. With your ruling planet, Mercury, in retrograde through much of May take absolutely nothing, or no one, for granted.  
Libra (Sept 22—Oct 22)
Some love-struck Librans may decide to formalize a budding relationship during April, while others may be considering a professional alliance that would allow you to express yourself through your favored creative medium. Partnerships forged now, while stimulating and with a hint of excitement around them, may yet need to stand the test of time. Pay attention to any health conditions that may be impacting your mobility or that in some way inhibit your outlook on life, as now is the time to seek solutions to any such lingering problems. May favors clearing out your emotional clutter… old baggage for which you no longer have a use or that has no relevance in your life today. You will eventually feel so much lighter for having done so.  

Scorpio (Oct 22—Nov 21)
YYou have your work cut out for you in April, when a succession of niggling challenges can come your way. However, you learn much as a result of successfully dealing with each situation; knowledge that you would perhaps never have gained in any other way, and which may stand you in good stead down the road. Financial matters might be giving you a few sleepless nights, but your keen intellect and innate resourcefulness will ensure you find the right solutions. Support for your endeavors comes freely from your inner circle, be they partners, family or friends. You will need to be patient, as certain issues may take time to resolve. As a result of these protracted events your values and some priorities begin to change, and along with them your plans and objectives.

Sagittarius (Nov 21—Dec 21)
Initiative and creativity are your strong suits in April, and by combining the two in an innovative way you could advance your career prospects. While you may not be entirely clear about which direction your professional aspirations lay you are acutely aware that you need to maintain, and ideally increase, your present cash flow. An element of luck surrounds your activities now so make sure that you’re at the top of your game, not only to make the right impression on someone in a position to help you to get ahead, but also to be alert to subtle cues. A new work opportunity could come your way in May, but be sure to read the fine print on any contracts before accepting another position or taking on more responsibility, as there are likely to be elements involved that you might not have anticipated. On the other hand, if you were previously passed over for promotion, you might now get a second bite at the cherry.

Capricorn (Dec 21—Jan 20)
Home may be where the heart is but right now you’re keen to get away for a while and share some quality time with friends. If you’re not in a position to travel then have your friends come to you for an impromptu party. At the very least spend some quiet time by yourself to recharge, and to reflect on recent events. During May your creative juices are flowing freely, so be sure to note all the great ideas that come to mind, as some of them are likely to be fleeting. However, steer clear of unwise speculation; if something seems to be too good to be true, the chances are it probably is. Instead, consider your options for expanding your horizons, but wait until early summer before making your move.

Aquarius (Jan 20—Feb 18)
Progressive new ideas are flowing freely through your mind in April, when you could stumble upon what might be an ideal career path, and wonder why it hadn’t occurred to you before. Sometimes it’s purely a matter of timing, or that you just weren’t open to it previously. But with the skill sets you’ve acquired through training, experience and practical application, it might seem like a classic "no brainer" now. However, present domestic constraints or obligations may preclude you from changing horses in midstream and, given the retrograde activity in the heavens right now, that is probably a good thing. Better to wait until the summer before saddling up for your next bug adventure.

Pisces (Feb 18—March 20)
Professional responsibilities could be challenging during April, when you will need to be at the top of your game. But with a little help and encouragement from your inner circle, and a good measure of patience, you will eventually succeed with flying colors. Financial matters will also require your attention, with preserving cash flow a major priority. Once again, with perseverance, and some creative ingenuity, you will rise to the occasion and save the day. The recent challenges you’ve been facing will also prove to be educational, and highly stimulating to your keen intellect. Be sure to note the expansive new ideas that come to mind now, as some of them could prove to be the basis of a new outlook on life.

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