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Transit SUN conjoined natal Neptune
Nov 1 through Nov 2, Exact on Nov 1

Spiritual matters, fantasies and ideals are the main factors in your present environment. You may, for instance, visit those who are sick or confined or volunteer assistance to charitable causes. Be careful in whatever you do however. You are inclined to conveniently lose sight of reality , or, it may be that others purposely or mistakenly hide the truth from you.

Transit MARS opposed natal Moon
Nov 1 through Nov 3, Exact on Nov 1

Caution is advised during this period. Care should be taken not to arouse antagonism on any level. Actions taken as a result of anger or frustration are apt to have even unhappier consequences. Things are not as apt to run smoothly. Trying to keep to a schedule at work or at home may be a fruitless proposition. Encountering traffic jams is a strong possibility, especially if children or household errands are the reason for being out in the first place. Household appliances or equipment falters or breaks down. Accomplishing household chores and participation in family activities are apt to be a useless waste of energy. When cooking or baking be sure to check the time and temperature you use, or your food may be overdone, or completely burned. Under this influence dining is not apt to bring much pleasure, and you may suffer from digestive complaints-- the likely consequences of anger, frustration, or eating too fast. Other physical complaints may include emotional fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, skin rash, and insect bites. Check your home for possible fire hazards. Disagreement between family members, whether or not the arguments involve you, can be enough to send you somewhere else until things quiet down. This is not a favorable time for surgery, open confrontations, and competitive situations. Even if current circumstances do not present overwhelming difficulty, you may end up feeling tense and irritable. Should you gain success or favor, you may be sure it will be accompanied by an enormous payback.

Transit VENUS square natal Mercury
Nov 1 through Nov 5, Exact on Nov 3

Others may think your manner of expressing thoughts and ideas is too abrupt or even rude. There is as much potential that you may also find the reverse is true, and it is others who will lack adequate or polite forms of communication. If such interactions are allowed to proceed past initially disagreeable impressions, the continuing contacts are apt to become intellectually stimulating and provocative. Under this influence traveling with others, working with a partner or other allies on intellectual or artistic endeavors, or planning meetings and social activities may hit a few snags. However, the thing to keep in mind is that not only is it possible for any of these endeavors to succeed the challenge they present can turn out to be a lot more fun than you anticipated. Compromise in contract negotiations or establishing common goals in partnership and other joint ventures may be harder to achieve. Commercial activities related to the beauty business, art, music, jewelry, flowers, design, diplomacy, and the law are other activities that may turn out successfully, but only after a certain amount of delay or resolution of discrepancies. Others seek your advice.

Transit MERCURY sextile natal Mars
Nov 3 through Nov 4, Exact on Nov 4

Circumstances you encounter during this period represent a chance for you to take physical action of some kind. If such opportunity does not appear automatically, go out and create it for yourself. This covers a variety of possibilities. Situations may lead, for instance, to the purchase or sale of a car and other types of machinery, as well as learning how to operate them. They can lead to the use or development of design, mechanical or athletic skills. Ideas and methods that come your way may enable you to more efficiently accomplish work or other physical tasks. Your ideas may become physical realities, theories are given physical application, or travel may be on your agenda in the future because of an advantage you gain now.